Possibility is everywhere.

Even when you can’t see it, I hold the space for you so that when you’re ready, you see it too. My name is Janette Valentino and I’m a certified, professional Life Coach, speaker and writer.

Change isn’t something to fear. Why not use it to create the life you want?

There is nothing in you that needs to be fixed. All the hurts, wounds, challenges are just information. What will you choose to do with this information?

Everything is a choice. My job is to support you in making conscious choices so you create the life you want and relish the living of it.

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The Mood Ladies' 1st review!

The Mood Ladies were reviewed in the professional coaching magazine, Choice. Words like  'quirky' and 'juicy coaching conversation' were used! The Ladies were happy! Check it out!  Mood Ladies Published in, and reproduced with permission from, choice, the magazine
of professional coaching  www.choice-online.com


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New life old lifeLooking for more direction, focus and balance in 2015? Check out the upcoming Mood Lady group coaching program starting in February!




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How's your life?

The Wheel of Life is a tool often used in coaching to see which areas in your life are under control and which areas might need a little attention.  You are invited to see what your life looks like right now! pie chart

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I found the work with Janette extremely worthwhile. I very much appreciated how she set everything up and put a framework around the process. Reflecting each week in this structured way was really great and gave me a great deal. What I appreciated most was Janette’s ability to take a fuzzy thought or idea of mine and summarize it concisely and precisely. She also showed me or made it more clear for me what the benefits were with some of my patterns and behaviors. There were also a few times when I was being very hard on myself and she helped me see alternatives to this, which helped me move forward in the way I wanted.
K.P., Project Manager, Sweden