An Introduction…

I know what it’s like to be searching – searching for ‘the’ answer to feel more direction, more joy, more peace, more fulfillment. I know what it’s like to feel as if there’s a hole to fill inside. I’ve gone through it myself and I see it often in my clients – that need to find ‘the’ answer or perfect formula to fill the void.

I have no perfect formula for you because your formula is unique to you – because you are unique.

The Artful Journey of Trust starts with you. It’s designed for you and by you, with as much or as little support from me and the Mood Ladies as you need.

Although I have no perfect formula for you, I do have services, tools, support, articles, exercises, unique products and more to help you create and mold your own artful journey.

So look around here and see what calls you. And when you’re ready, feel free to contact me or sign up for my blog or get a free ebook or schedule a Mood Lady anchoring session or…

And if it’s not the right time for you now, don’t worry…the Ladies and I aren’t going anywhere. We’ll be here when you’re ready.


Going through the coaching process with Janette has made my values very clear, so that I am able to focus on the things that make me happiest. She has helped me learn a new set of tools to deal with my day-to-day problems, and has helped me re-shape my long-term goals. As a result of these things and some other changes I’ve made, I am on my way to a new career, and a more fulfilling daily life. A.M. Stockholm, Sweden