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When you’re feeling unbalanced, stuck, and unfulfilled,
it’s not always easy to know what you need.

You might second guess yourself, feel like nothing will help
so why bother, or just feel so unmotivated that it almost feels
impossible to take a step in any direction.

If you’re ready to:
- Shift out of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, uncertain…
- Get a new perspective
- Support yourself

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What does Your Artful Journey look like?Janette re-sized and cropped
As distractions, outside influences and the busy-ness of life are always present, it can be challenging to live a fulfilling life with purpose. This is where I can be your guide. My name is Janette Valentino and I’m a certified, professional Life Coach, speaker and writer. I’m also a creative, playful spirit who loves beach walks, biting into a California white nectarine and wandering the city of Stockholm. I support people in creating and living what I like to call, an Artful Journey. This means living life on your own terms – being the master artist behind your own life.

You have immense power and creativity within you and it’s my job to support you in opening up and tapping into the best version of you! I have plenty of unique tools and strategies to show the way. And I’m pretty fun to work with in person (virtually) and through my interesting and expansive product line.

I invite you to explore the treasures I have waiting for you in my site. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Your partner in an even more creative existence,