Possibility is everywhere.

Even when you can’t see it, I hold the space for you so that when you’re ready, you see it too. My name is Janette Valentino and I’m a certified, professional Life Coach.

Change isn’t something to fear. Why not use it to create the life you want?

There is nothing in you that needs to be fixed. All the hurts, wounds, challenges are just information. What will you choose to do with this information?

Everything is a choice. My job is to support you in making conscious choices so you create the life you want and relish the living of it.

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I found the work with Janette extremely worthwhile. I very much appreciated how she set everything up and put a framework around the process. Reflecting each week in this structured way was really great and gave me a great deal. What I appreciated most was Janette’s ability to take a fuzzy thought or idea of mine and summarize it concisely and precisely. She also showed me or made it more clear for me what the benefits were with some of my patterns and behaviors. There were also a few times when I was being very hard on myself and she helped me see alternatives to this, which helped me move forward in the way I wanted.
K.P., Project Manager, Sweden
What I took away from the coaching process was realizing various ways that I was holding myself back from thriving. Also, having a supportive, kind, insightful and non-judgmental coach, as I had with Janette, was a gift that created the safety to allow me to be vulnerable enough to realize how I’d been setting myself up to fail so often in the past. Realizing old outdated beliefs that I never challenged in the past. Coaching created the opportunity to be more present and more accountable to myself and my goals. Lots of little shifts and realizations created more self confidence and a better understanding of how to continue to move forward and accomplish my goals. These are understandings that will always stay with me. They have propelled me to a new level of accomplishment. In all, my coaching experience with Janette was positively life changing for me.
N. M., Project Manager, California
Janette guided me through a challenging time of transition and work overload. When I came to her I had started a new business but was still tied to my other two businesses. She helped me sort out the reasons why I should continue with one business over the other and a way to run both businesses without feeling run over! I have used her techniques to keep me motivated and excited about my working life and also tools to avoid or halt stress and burn out.
T.B., Real Estate Agent, California
From the moment I heard Janette speak I knew I wanted her to be my coach. She radiates warmth, honesty, acceptance and encouragement. I chose to spend most of my sessions around the challenges I was experiencing as a mom. My coaching experience was life altering! Janette created a safe space for me to discuss insecurities and feelings that I had been holding, but had never shared before. She helped me gain new perspectives about myself, my children and my future. I now live in the moment and find joy and humor in the most unique places. I am so grateful for my experience and have many new tools to be a much happier, confident and care free parent! 
H.S. School Counselor, Maryland
I have had personal coaching and done a workshop with Janette. She is amazing and very passionate about her work and great at what she does. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting some change in their life and not knowing how to go about it .She is full of ideas and a great listener and great at encouragement.
D.C., Hair Designer, California
Janette is sooo good at Life Coaching. I attended a fun workshop with Janette and found she brings such a calming influence to the chaos that sometime surrounds my life. Just a brief session with Janette brought about many changes in my life. She is easy to talk to and listens to it all; she then can wade through the unproductive stuff to find what really needs attention.
K.A., Business Owner, California
Janette’s support during a huge transition in my life has been invaluable! Thank you! Your presence is calming, intelligent, and supportive with a huge dose of enthusiasm!
D.B., Business Owner, California
The coaching process with Janette was wonderful. We met all my goals and then some. Her coaching style is very warm and nurturing with commitment and focus to assist me through my stuck areas. She is punctual, present, great listener and has a wonderful sense of humor. 
K.B, Life Coach, Michigan

I have lived a life of transitions myself, moving from one place to the next, making connections, exploring and learning. What threw me for a loop was suddenly being in a very static situation. Suddenly finding myself 10 years in the same city and country and working for the same company, being married and a mom of two. My life is full, but am I happy? Am I currently functioning to my full capability? How do I reconnect with that spontaneous, freeflowing person I was for so long. I was lucky enough to have connected deeply with Janette and have greatly benefited from our coaching relationship. She has this marvelous ability to lead me through my thoughts in a very enlightening way. She truly is my traveling companion.

S.E., Educational Consultant, Sweden
Janette’s last newsletter about SPACE – was so compelling that I had to write. Amazing that the words she wrote mirrored the words I needed to hear – have you ever had that happen? You know, when the ‘thing’ you are struggling with or resisting or confused about – happens to be talked about on the newsletter or in the quote from the day or something like that………. Janette is truly gifted with the support she gives, the questions she asks, and how she holds the ‘space’ for you to move and grow and become MORE THAN JUST FINE!! Thank you Janette for your beautiful soul!
G. P., Financial Advisor, California