Mood Ladies

The Mood Ladies are your guides – they anchor you in the ever-changing nature of our world

The Mood Ladies are guides, representations of wisdom, aspects of consciousness, ideas about possibilities and shadows, light and darkness. They help you shed light on parts of yourself that have become fragmented and that want your attention. As you step into a fuller version of yourself and transform into your own unique version of Wholeness, you are able to get more of what you want in both your private and professional lives.  Click the individual products below to find out more.

If you need some daily/weekly support and want to feel connected, grounded, and clear about your direction and focus, check out Artful Anchoring with the Mood Ladies. You can even get a free module to try it out!

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“MY” Mood Lady cards daily and sometimes twice daily always know just what I need to hear, see, and feel. I randomly draw a card and use the awareness and questions as a journaling tool or just to shift my thinking and any given time. They support me in being aware that I’m so much more then I often “think” I am and my new perspectives are endless! T. C., Business Owner, Washington

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Mood Lady Products

Triple pack self care unwrapped

Mood Lady Deluxe Pack

Experience more daily inspiration, peace & joy

Buy our most popular Mood Lady products together & get 15% off! Makes an excellent gift – for someone you love, including yourself.


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Mood Ladies Package & samples 2

Mood Lady Card Set

Use this set to develop YOUR Self-Care practice

The Mood Lady cards engage us in developing and deepening our self-understanding. To create a satisfying, rich life, we must first know who we are, what our real needs are, what brings us joy. This set of 40 gloss-stock cards is a powerful aid in awakening that understanding.

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Mood Lady Deluxe Sample Pack

Mood Lady Cards: Deluxe Sample Pack

This set will give you a taste of the Mood Lady cards and let you try them out as a part of your daily self-care practice.

The Mood Lady cards engage us in developing and deepening our self-understanding. This set includes 14 of the 40 cards available in the original set.

Read more about the Deluxe Sample Pack here

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Journals etsy

Mood Lady Themed Journal

These journals will inspire you & remind you what you are focusing on

The journal is a perfect way to work actively with the cards or other self-discovery tools – recording your thoughts, ponderings, questions and challenges.

Read more about the Themed Journals here

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Mood Lady Storybook

It’s one thing to be aware of the self-care tools, but what does it look like to live them?

“Once upon a time, there was once a woman who felt a void…” So starts this collection of stories based on the 1st set of Mood Lady Cards. There are 40 stories to match the 40 concepts introduced in the cards. Each ‘chapter’ includes the Mood Lady image, drawn by artist Debra Valentino, and a story giving an example of what it looks like to practice and live the tool.

Read more about the Storybook here

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first aid book_1

Mood Lady Wisdom: The Artful Journey of Holiday First Aid

Useful Tools for you to experience less stress & more peace in the holiday season

This small (60 pages) book is full of tools to move through the holidays with less stress and overwhelm and more ease and joy. Three Mood Ladies from the first card set and 5 Mood Ladies from the upcoming 2nd set offer you some wisdom to support you in experiencing more of what you want during the holiday season.

Read more about Holiday First Aid here

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5 steps to strengthening your self care muscle cover

Digital Workbook: 5 Steps to Strengthening Your Self-Care Muscle & Experience More Daily Balance

Get 5 tools to help you go from overwhelm to more daily balance

Overwhelm, stress, long to-do lists seem to be the norm form many people, especially women, these days. This workbook guides you through 5 steps that will lead to more balance in your life on a daily basis.

Read more about the Balance Workbook here

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