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  • Anchoring in You

    Artful Anchoring – Customized Support for You


    It’s no surprise that Change can be challenging – whether you are wanting to make one or you find yourself smack dab in the middle of one, wondering how to navigate and feeling like your whole life is on shaky ground.

    With the help of the Mood Ladies, I’ve created a way to offer personalized support depending on you and your own unique situation. In August, this is being offered at an introductory price. Read more below.

  • Wholeness Mood Lady

    Artful Anchoring in You


    Do you often get off track – feeling overwhelmed, stuck or uncertain about where you’re going? Perhaps you know exactly what you want or where you’d like to go, but you need some support and reminders to help you prioritize and move forward. If either (or both) is true….

    Read more about this online coaching program below.

  • What's your Intention?

    Creating Holiday Ease Coaching


    Experience the year-end and the holidays with less stress & overwhelm and more of what YOU want!

    Listen to a brief description of Holiday Ease Coaching:

    And scroll down to get all the details!

    “Going through the coaching process with Janette has made my values very clear, so that I am able to focus on the things that make me happiest. She has helped me learn a new set of tools to deal with my day-to-day problems, and has helped me re-shape my long-term goals.” – A.M. Stockholm, Sweden

  • Dream create and play

    Dream, Create & Play in 2016: Online Coaching Program


    Are you ready to Dream BIG in 2016? This program will support you in doing just that and will offer tools & coaching to create & enjoy those Dreams. Sign up before January 25th and get 20% off of the monthly price for as long as you remain in the program!

    Read more about this online coaching program below.

  • IMG_0674 (2)

    Gift Sets: Mood Lady Card Set and Storybook


    The Mood Lady products are an excellent gift. This gift package contains one set of Mood Lady cards and a Storybook. The cards introduce the practice of inspiration, self discovery and ultimate self care and the storybook gives examples of ways to actually LIVE these concepts. The packet is wrapped beautifully in gross grain ribbon and comes with a Mood Lady pin as a playful reminder of focus. Pins come in: Connection, Adventure, Success, Simplicity, Exploration, Experiment, Curiosity, Choice and Play.

  • IMG_0666

    Gift Sets: Mood Lady Card Set and Themed Journal


    The Mood Ladies are a representation of many of the concepts and tools that Valentino Coaching clients find useful in their coaching & learning process. This set of 40 cards supports you in the exploration of these concepts that will lead to a deeper understanding of yourself.

  • Be the artist of your life

    Group Coaching Program: Living Your Artful Journey

    This program is for you if you want to feel more meaning & purpose in your life. You might be overwhelmed, stressed and wonder if you are doing what you are 'meant' to do. You might feel a bit lost and uncertain about your path or stuck – not knowing what step to take next.

  • SC sunset

    Mini Sparkles: A Creative Approach to Life in 2018


    Based on the 3 day Sparkles Retreat created & led by Denise Elizabeth Byron & Janette Valentino, this Mini Sparkles gives you the tools you need to create goals & plan for your success using our creative, fun & unique approach. Read more below!

  • Sample Pack

    Mood Lady Cards: Deluxe Sample Pack


    “Whether you are relishing the joys of life or vanquishing the inner demons, The Mood Lady Cards are a powerful companion on the journey! Janette Valentino has created a navigational tool that supports growth, learning, success, and ultimately self-love. I use the cards in my work, with my clients, and with myself as a ‘way into’ the depths of the inner being that sometimes want to stay hidden. Radiant well-being requires transformation from the inside out. The Mood Ladies know this and they are here to help.” D.B., Business Owner, CA


  • Connection close up

    Mood Lady Cards: Full Set


    I LOVE the mood lady cards!!! I was searching for something to help me focus on what I wanted to achieve this year and her cards showed up at the right time. I’m actively using them and they are helping me open myself to success and productivity…and getting results! I like them so much I’ve gotten 4 more sets for the other amazing women in my life. K. R. Marketing Consultant, California

  • dream journal gift pack etsy

    Mood Lady Deluxe Pack


    This Deluxe Pack include the 3 top-selling Mood Lady Products – the Mood Lady Card Set, a Mood Lady Themed Journal and the Mood Lady Storybook. The Themed Journals are available in 10 different themes – click the link to see the themes. The Dream Mood Lady is featured in the pictures.

  • Mood Lady Modules

    Mood Lady Modules


    Mood Lady Modules – an online tool to discover, explore & honor all the parts of You. Great support in times of transition – when you want to make a change or a change ‘happened’ to you. Read more below.

  • Lightness large

    Mood Lady Prints


    Be inspired daily by a beautiful 16 x 20in print of your favorite Mood Lady! Other sizes available upon request. The price includes shipping.

  • IMG_0652

    Mood Lady Themed Journal


    Available in selected Mood Lady themes: Play, Lightness, Curiosity, Exploration, Success, Dream, Boldness, Knowing, Connection (see additional images for pictures of themes). The journal includes a cover with the chosen Mood Lady. The inside front cover includes the Mood Lady card text and the back cover includes a story of that particular Mood Lady concept/tool. A sample set of Mood Ladies cards (2 cards) is also included.

  • first aid book_1

    Mood Lady Wisdom: The Artful Journey of Holiday First Aid


    This small (60 pages) book is full of tools to move through the holidays with less stress and overwhelm and more ease and joy. Three Mood Ladies from the first card set and 5 Mood Ladies from the upcoming 2nd set offer you some wisdom to support you in experiencing more of what you want during the holiday season. The beautiful book contains pictures of the Mood Ladies, the text of each card and some wisdom about how to apply that particular tool during the holiday season. In addition to the book, you get a bag with a few reminders to support you in not just thinking about the tools, but actually applying them.

  • Sale! What's your Intention?

    Pre-Order Mood Lady Cards #2: Transformation

    $26.95 $24.25

    In April, the Mood Lady Card Set # 2 will debut. This set. like the first, includes 40 gloss-stock cards. The drawings have been done, once again, by Debra Valentino. This set includes concepts such as Balance, Uni-tasking, Intention (pictured), Focus, Stillness, Nourishment and many more. The cards are an excellent way to continue your journey of self discovery and to make that self care muscle even stronger!

  • sparkles web

    Spark Your Sparkles


    As a SPARKLES Retreat or Mini SPARKLES participant, we know you have BIG dreams. We also know that you got clearer about your visions, intentions & goals at the beginning of the year AND that no matter how much clarity we have, we still need support, inspiration and accountability along the way. Read more below!

  • sparkles mini

    Sparkles Magic


    SPARKLES Magic

    This combines a 3 day retreat with 12 months of support to keep you on track in 2017. See the details below.

  • kaleidoscope

    Sparkles Monthly Support


    If you’ve participated in the SPARKLES retreat or Mini-Sparkles in the past, you are eligible for monthly SPARKLES support. This is an excellent way to stay on track throughout the year in 2017. Read the details below to find out more.

  • SPARKLES 2018

    Sparkles Retreat


    SPARKLES is an approach to run your business & your life creatively & consciously.

    The SPARKLES retreat gave me my spark back! I feel I have direction and support to accomplish my goals this year in a fun and transformative way. B.T., California.

  • IMG_0658

    The Mood Lady Storybook: Stories of an Artful Journey


  • 5 steps to strengthening your self care muscle cover

    Workbook: 5 Steps to Strengthening Your Self Care Muscle & Experience More Daily Balance