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Do you often get off track – feeling overwhelmed, stuck or uncertain about where you’re going? Perhaps you know exactly what you want or where you’d like to go, but you need some support and reminders to help you prioritize and move forward. If either (or both) is true….

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Product Description

In our world these days, we all need reminders and support. Whether you’ve been on your personal development journey for a while or whether you’ve just begun, it can be a challenge some days to remember what’s important, to remember who you are and where you’re going.

With the Mood Ladies as your guides, Artful Anchoring is a program so you always remember who you are and what’s most important to you. Using audios, exercises, stories and reflection questions and prompts, the program delivers weekly content to anchor you in – to keep you connected with your dreams, intentions, priorities…with you.

About the progam:

Each week you will receive a new Mood Lady module including the mood lady card text, a story of that particular mood lady and some reflection prompts and invitations. Some modules also include articles, inspiration quotes, audios, creativity assignments and other resources for further exploration. Using these tools, you can then work toward your own goals at your own pace as well as get coaching support online along the way.

As you move through the course, you will be developing a practice of connecting with yourself. With this, comes:

  • a greater clarity about  all the sides of YOU – bringing greater peace and self acceptance
  • a deeper sense of gratitude for where you are
  • a deeper connection with what is TRULY important to you – making decisions easier

The program is set up so that you are able to have your own individual experience as well as have a witness or witnesses.

Start Date & Duration:

You can begin whenever you’d like. The program is available on a monthly basis so once you sign up, you’ll continue to be charged until you cancel your subscription.

If you’d like to sample one module free of charge, please email me that request:

Once you purchase this coaching option the first time, you’ll receive a link to the program within 24 hours.


  1. janette


      This is an excerpt from a 2016 participant answering a prompt in the Leadership Module.

    What comes up for you after reading the Leadership story?
    I love the idea of being a Leader of my own life…I never really thought of the word Leader or Leadership that way. I guess recommending others to have the leading role in your own life is the same thing — ah, now I get it.

    Being a leader in your own life is really stepping into your true self and your authenticity — and sharing and being of service to others…being an example of living an authentic and magnificent life.

    Funny, when I was participating in all my Leadership Training over the last 30 years — it was all about developing the qualities of a leader — and I believed (and the curriculum supported this) that I didn’t have those qualities and had to learn them. So I never felt like a good enough leader because I didn’t nurture or embrace the natural and beautiful qualities I had…hmmm…and the lessons didn’t revolve around unique and personal leadership – it was either you had the qualities or you didn’t. I guess that’s how you get people to keep coming to your programs…

    WOW! I’ll have to process this a bit. I’m a little emotional (in a good way) right now. And SO GRATEFUL that I’m working with you to uncover these secret bits that are hiding in me. HOORAY!

    Yet despite this, I’m glad I somehow grew into embracing myself as a Leader by being myself…this new information will just support it. Whew!

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