Mini Sparkles: A Creative Approach to Life in 2018

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Based on the 3 day Sparkles Retreat created & led by Denise Elizabeth Byron & Janette Valentino, this Mini Sparkles gives you the tools you need to create goals & plan for your success using our creative, fun & unique approach. Read more below!

Product Description

The SPARKLES way: A creative, conscious approach to running your life & your business

Date: Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Living your dreams and realizing your goals, no matter how SMART, can be daunting and boring. You need a Creative, Fun, Joyful New Way to plan for your Success.

You need  SPARKLES!!

We start at 1 pm and end at 5 pm. You will leave with:
• a dynamic map of how to navigate 2018 with clarity and confidence
• 9 powerful tools for living into your goals with more ease, joy, and fun
• a full spectrum of support options that start with your own inner guidance

Location – A beautiful vacation home in Santa Cruz, CA.

Please note this workshop is offered within the full SPARKLES retreat. For more info on the retreat, click here.

“I feel like I am ready to tackle the world with a blank slate, second chance, more
grounding & support & brilliance!”

“I received such fantastic guidance and support that I feel confident I’ll have an amazing
year. I now believe in myself and I can begin to bring to life the life I’ve always dreamed.”

See the Reviews section for more testimonials about this workshop.

 If you have questions, call Janette 559-285-8020 or Denise 541-601-9096

Cancellation policy: If you cancel, you will be automatically registered for the next Sparkles Workshop (no added date change or re-registration fee is applied).


  1. Testimonial - Bonnie Bea, January 2016.


    I came to SPARKLES because I have always struggled with creating clear goals and staying excited about them. SPARKLES provided me with useful tools that made goal making exciting and achievable.

  2. Testimonial - Susan Robinson. January 2016.


    Great workshop to kick off your goal setting for the year!

  3. Testimonial - KC Carlson, Video4Results. January 2016.


    I came to SPARKLES workshop with strategic planning type goals that meant a lot of work. Denise & Janette helped me see those goals in a much more personal way with delightful colors. I left Sparkles with a few more goals that were much more playful, enriching and fun. More balance and much more sustainability!

  4. Testimonial - Laura Gleason-Fernandez. January 2016.


    What a great way to take time out for yourself to really define your intentions for the year, which helps you to live a life full of purpose and possibility. All done in a safe, caring environment with an economic cost.

  5. Testimonial: Kimber De Martin. January 2016.


    I would highly recommend this workshop for those who are in a transition in their life and would benefit from clarity, direction and resolution.

  6. Testimonial from January 2016 workshop participant - anonymous.


    Sparkles was a wonderful opportunity to focus on my goals for the year with tools and suggestions on how to achieve them from two very intuitive, amazing women who always have such wonderful insights.

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