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This combines a 3 day retreat with 12 months of support to keep you on track in 2017. See the details below.

Product Description

Join SPARKLES MAGIC and surround yourself with powerful, creative, and fun women!

SPARKLES is evolving and growing just like your work! We are now offering Sparkles MAGIC to support you even more.
Masterminding & Artfully Generating Income & Contribution

SPARKLES MAGIC begins with the retreat in January with a new format that still includes coaching, visioning, and art. We have added a mastermind component because we recognize that brainstorming and integrating your strategic plans are some of the most powerful aspects of this precious time away from life and work.

SPARKLES Magic continues with on-going monthly support that includes a coaching session with Janette and a cosmic consult with Denise, as well as access to an on-line program that taps deeply into your inner wisdom. We also have a monthly call to align with the themes of each month, connect for support, and ask questions.

Program Includes:
 3 Day Retreat
 2017 individual or business profile
 12 Coaching sessions
 12 Cosmic Consults
 Online program
 Monthly group call
Cost: $325/month for 12 months*. First payment is due in December. You’ll be invoiced monthly subsequently.


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