Is your life in transition? Are you feeling stuck? Do you need to change something … but you don’t know what? Or how to do it?

I’m Janette Valentino, the founder of Valentino Coaching.

I’m a personal development and transformational coach and I work with people just like you who are feeling overwhelmed by change or who feel stuck, lost and caught up in a life transition.

I’ll show you how to become powerful in the face of unexpected change – and confident in choosing the changes you want to make.

You’ll learn how to:

Shift Your Mood

Change Your Mind 

And Transform Your Life!

“Janette guided me through a challenging time of confusion and work overload. I have used her techniques to keep me motivated and excited about my working life and also give me the tools to avoid or halt stress and burn out.”  T.B., Real Estate Agent, California

I understand what it can be like to feel lost or stuck or wandering in your life. Unlike many people, I sought out change as the solution. I moved to new cities and countries, went back to school, and started a new career or two. But even though it was exciting, I felt unfulfilled and if something was missing.

Find out how I can help you now

“Janette has a gift! She has helped me to see things in myself that I never knew were there. I am so thankful I found Janette.”  C. M., Financial Advisor, California

You, too, might have what looks like a successful life on the outside, but you’re feeling like something is wrong with you because you’re just not happy. My own journey began with my own personal development. Through continual exploration and discovery, I found more and more of the gems that made me unique and gave me strength and confidence.

I can do the same for you.

“Janette helped me learn a new set of tools to deal with my day-to-day problems and re-shape my long-term goals. I am now on my way to a new career and a more fulfilling daily life.” A.M., Stockholm, Sweden

What Can Transformational Coaching Do for You?

Shift Your Mood

Shifting your mood is all about finding the help you need to navigate your day or to find a little direction.

The Mood Ladies represent 52 concepts from gentleness to success to inspiration… and so much more. You’ll find just the right Mood Ladies – and always in just the perfect moment – to help nudge or encourage you.

The Mood Ladies come to you as unique, beautifully designed cards, journals, a book of Mood Ladies stories and examples,  and online life coaching modules to provide you with just the right little shift … whenever and wherever you need them!  

“My Mood Ladies cards always know just what I need to hear, see, and feel.” ~ T.C. Colorado, USA

Explore the Mood Lady World Here

Change Your Mind

You can change your mind – and your mindset – by understanding what motivates you and other people.

I am an Integrative Enneagram Accredited Practitioner. Once we’ve identified your core Enneagram type, we don’t use it to “typecast” you. Instead, I’ll show you how to use it to open up a world of useful “motivation muscles.” This allows you to see yourself, to see others and to see the world through different lenses.

My Enneagram assessment includes a personal one-on-one review and interpretation and implementation session. Or sessions – if you want to keep exploring. You can also take an Enneagram workshop and learn not only about yourself, but about others. This is extremely popular with couples, business partners and entrepreneurs.

“Janette’s explanation of my Enneagram was the first assessment that ever told me HOW to change my mindset to be more of the person I wanted to be.” B.B., California

Discover the Enneagram Assessment and Workshops Schedule Here

Transform Your Life

Transforming your life happens when you come from a position of power and choice, whether you are intentionally choosing change or if change is happening to you.

I am a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coach Academy and a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. This training, along with 1000+ coaching hours with clients means I have access to proven tools and techniques designed to support and encourage you.

If you’re ready to take control of your reactions and responses to change, then you and I will work together in personal, one-on-one life transitions coaching sessions.

“Having someone to help me come up with an action plan and hold me accountable every few weeks is extremely helpful.” M.T., California

Find the Transformational Coaching Packages Here







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