Janette Valentino is a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coach Academy with a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) through the International Coach Federation and a speaker, writer & the creator of the Mood Ladies.  Read more about her in her own words below:

Just as the Mood Ladies did, I started out with my eyes closed – not really clear about what I wanted well up to my 30s. I did a lot of searching for years – challenging myself, going back to school, trying new things, moving to new cities and countries, beginning new careers. I had some exciting experiences and I continued to feel unfulfilled and always as if something was missing. I knew there was more – somewhere, somehow, and I wondered what was wrong with me and if I would ever be truly happy.

Finally, through my own coaching process in my 40s, I began my own Artful Journey – learning more and more about the gems within me that make me unique. As my eyes opened, I began to understand that all I needed was already in place – that nothing was missing. And gradually, it was clear to me that I am meant to support and inspire others to create and live their own Artful Journey.

Life-changing concepts
What drew me to coaching was the process of continual exploration and discovery, and this is the focal point of the work I do with clients. With my MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), I spent 11 years working at the university level and in the corporate world with students and executives — supporting them in their personal growth when it came to language development. With the shift to coaching, the focus changed a bit while the qualities of support, fun, creativity, encouragement and inspiration that I bring to work with clients became even stronger.

As my coaching business evolved, I noticed that there were certain concepts that I used over and over with clients (and in my own life). I wanted to make these more accessible so that in addition to my clients, others could have access to these tools. When my sister Debra asked if I wanted to use her drawings, I knew that it was a perfect match and the Mood Lady product line was born. The Ladies are the basis of my coaching, presentations, books, online courses etc. as they offer the foundation of any Artful Journey – ultimate self-care and self-discovery. Learn about my practice on DaoCloud.

My clients are…
While my clients usually come from many different backgrounds & countries, in general they are open and very interested in personal development. They don’t want to live life on automatic pilot, but instead want to be creative and conscious about how they live and how they spend their time. They are on or are ready to embark on their own unique Artful Journey. And wherever they are, I am honored to be a part of their process.



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