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  • Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost or frustrated with where you are right now in life?

    The Mood Lady Modules bring you clarity & direction – giving you a unique, creative & personalized journey.

    • Choose your own themes depending on where you are right now.
    • Choose your own pace – slow, medium or fast track – depending on how quickly or slowly you’d like to go through the information
    • Get online coaching on your themes
    • Special prices on phone/Zoom coaching sessions
    • 25% off Mood Lady products as long as you are a Mood Lady Module Subscriber

    This is a perfect option for you if you’d like a unique process to explore some areas for discovery and development in your own life. The modules include Mood Lady concepts and plenty of questions, prompts, stories, exercises, audio material to support you. Some of the concepts to explore are: Connection, Curiosity, Play, Love, Game Rules, Intention, Gentleness, Adventure, Creativity and many more.

    Watch the video for more info:

    If you have questions or would like a sample module, please email me at janette at

    Mood Lady Modules