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I LOVE the mood lady cards!!! I was searching for something to help me focus on what I wanted to achieve this year and her cards showed up at the right time. I’m actively using them and they are helping me open myself to success and productivity…and getting results! I like them so much I’ve gotten 4 more sets for the other amazing women in my life. K. R. Marketing Consultant, California

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The Mood Lady cards engage us in developing and deepening our self-understanding. To create a satisfying, rich life, we must first know who we are, what our real needs are, what brings us joy. The Mood Ladies are a powerful aid in awakening that understanding.

Developed by sisters Janette and Debra Valentino, the cards embody qualities and life skills – Trust, Boldness, Celebration, Play, Acceptance, to name just a few – that support us in creating the life journey we want to be living!

Beautifully produced on thick gloss stock, there are 40 cards in all. Each has a painting of a Mood Lady portrait that expresses a particular mood or quality, a discussion of that quality on the reverse side, with a journey question at the end. A tangible prompt to spark your creativity or vision, or give you support in a challenging time.

There are many ways to use the cards.  A favorite way is to choose one card randomly and see how it resonates with your current state.

We each have our own unique journey that wants to unfold, our own unique process that asks to be honored. For all of us, there are signposts, milestones, and sometimes stopovers. Each one matters; each is essential, even (and especially) when we can’t see why.

Why not let the Mood Ladies help you navigate?

The cards can be bought separately or together with the accompanying storybook. Read the Mood Lady Story here. And find more products here. including the Deluxe Sample Pack – a set of only 14 cards to get you started!

“MY” Mood Lady cards daily and sometimes twice daily always know just what I need to hear, see, and feel. I randomly draw a card and use the awareness and questions as a journaling tool or just to shift my thinking and any given time. They support me in being aware that I’m so much more then I often “think” I am and my new perspectives are endless!  T. C., Business Owner, WA

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