The Mood Lady Storybook: Stories of an Artful Journey




“Once upon a time, there was once a woman who felt a void…” So starts this collection of stories based on the 1st set of Mood Lady Cards.

There are 40 stories to match the 40 concepts introduced in the cards. Each ‘chapter’ includes the Mood Lady image, drawn by artist Debra Valentino, and a story giving an example of what it looks like to practice and live the tool. The cards introduced the concepts and offer us questions to ponder and reflect on.They give us prompts to practice the tool.

The storybook goes one step further. In each story, you’ll read about a woman who is using the tools of Connection, Gratitude, Creativity, etc. What does this look like? What has her story been with this concept and how has it affected her? What has she learned?

The stories are meant to inspire you to explore these tools in your own life – they invite you to LIVE these concepts daily and to enjoy the process.



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