Mood Lady BeforeThe story of the Mood Ladies is a beautiful tale of process – it is an excellent example of how each journey is filled with particular chapters that are essential and that need to be honored, even when we can’t see why.

In our family, Debra was the creative one. I always knew this growing up (although surprisingly enough, she didn’t!). She went off to art school, which turned out not to be the right place for her. Instead of seeing this truth, she started doubting her artistic ability and as a result, took a huge detour in terms of creativity for many years. Finally, in her 50s, the artistic side of her started to re-emerge and she began exploring this again. One of the ways she started was with the Mood Ladies. In the beginning, they always had their eyes closed. She told me later that she felt a bit like a mad woman with these – it was like they kept wanting to be drawn. She wasn’t sure why or what she was to do with them. Now we see this was the beginning of her finding her way back to her creative self. She says it’s like they were saying, “Please see me. Yes, I have my eyes closed. That’s all I can do right now. But just be here for a while and pay attention to me; nurture me.” And she did.

Shortly after Debra started drawing the Mood Ladies, I started my coaching business and decided to start writing a monthly newsletter. Always one of my biggest cheerleaders, Debra was the one I sent off my first draft to. She asked if I wanted to use one of the Mood Ladies for the newsletter. She sent me a number of them and I quickly found ‘THE’ one that seemed to perfectly match the feelings and message I was conveying with my words. That was the real beginning of the Mood Lady journey.

The months went on and I continued to choose from the many Mood Ladies for my newsletter. Debra and I both thought about opening the Mood Ladies’ eyes at about the same time. I almost didn’t want to ask her in a way because I didn’t want to change her creative vision. I think she asked me what I thought about the idea first. And we agreed – some can be open, some closed. They are a different part of the process.

Mood Lady AfterShe has described the first time she drew one with her eyes open. And actually this first one was a request from me – could she open the eyes of the Lady I use for my company logo? She told me once how looking at that open eyed Mood Lady reminds her of that particular point in the process. She described how she can almost feel the shift every time she sees her- it’s the point where the Mood Lady (and she) was ready to say, “OK. I’m ready now. My eyes are open.”

Since then, the Mood Ladies have been evolving. I see the stages they go through quite clearly as Debra explores her artistic ability more and more. Since we started, I’ve gotten text messages during the weeks with her latest Ladies. Sometimes when I see one, I think, “Oh, a new stage.”

I told Debra this not very long ago and she was a little surprised that there were these distinct chapters and that I could see her progress and journey so clearly. Once I did point it out, she could then see HER process and the Mood Lady journey so much more easily.

Note: A version of this story is included with the cards themselves along with usage suggestions.

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